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12 Tips for Getting a Graduate Job

The greatest hope of a graduate student is that of finding a well paying and reputable job once they graduate. So much so because they worked their socks off to complete graduate school. That is what should happen but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

Here are 12 helpful tips that will help you find a job upon graduating:

1. Be frugal as you look for a job

Being jobless does not mean the end of the world. Look for a part-time job and use your earnings to help you look for your dream job. After all there is only so much that you can get from borrowing from friends and family. Eventually that tap will run out. You can land a part time job at restaurants and bars and they usually have evening shifts which means you can look for a job during the day and work in the evening.


Learn to be economical in every sense. Make good use of discount vouchers when shopping or eating so as to save.

2. Grab attention on job sites with your CV

With the popularity of the internet, it’s not just about sending emails any more – the majority of job vacancies are posted online to help look for prospective employees. If you are not on such data bases no one will ever get to know about you. This is one reason why you need to create a profile and upload an up-to-date CV, and keep checking sites specific to your career goal, like health sciences, hospitality, education, or even this site for veterinarian jobs. Sometimes it may take a while before you get a response but it’s better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all.

3. Get registered with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are designed with job-seekers in mind. Take advantage and register with the one closest to you. Recruitment agencies get their share of the commission once they fill out a vacant position advertised by a company. This means they have a wide database of what jobs need to be filled where. In addition, they also want to make money just as much as you do so they prove to be an invaluable resource to any graduate job seeker out there. If you know what industry you want to work in, it can be best to find an agency that is dedicated to that particular niche such as this clerical staffing agency based in Texas. They will be much more informed in that specific area which can raise your chances of success in getting the job.

4. Steer clear of regurgitated documents

Most companies and organizations looking to fill a vacant position will always ask a prospective employee to provide a cover letter and an up to date resume. Graduates often make the huge mistake of sending off the same old documents they have sent in the past without thinking of the consequences.

The key to landing a good job is to always tailor your cover letter and resume with the most recent information that’s tailored to suit that specific job. You don’t have to churn out a new CV every single time. Just a few tweaks here and there can do the trick.

5. Network

The reality is that there are many people who have the jobs they have now just because they talked to someone. Simply put, there is power in networking. You therefore have to make yourself known one way or another. Talk to business owners about what you are looking for or approach people at important functions or even on social media. If you want to find the right job you have to be aggressive. This may sometimes call for you to physically drop your resume to someone and selling your skills to them. A gutsy graduate will earn you admiration and this can work to your advantage.

5. Do lots of research

You have done all things as you should and you have now been invited for an interview. What next? The first thing that you should NOT do is PANIC! This can only happen if you are prepared. For you to be prepared you must do a lot of research. Learn all you can about the prospective company and have ready answers as to what value you will bring them as their newest employee. As a rule of thumb always show up for the interview 10 minutes early and dress sharply. First impressions matter the most and you should never under any circumstance forget that.

7. Say yes to the right job

Granted it’s tough for a graduate job to get a job nowadays but that does not mean that you should settle for the wrong job. Always say yes to a job you know you will be happy to wake up to go to every single day. If you are unsure about your role in the company, seek clarifications. It doesn’t make any sense to accept a job offer only for you to quit a few months later because you are bored and lack motivation.

8. Don’t fall prey to the ‘professional student’ trap

Most graduate students who experience hurdles looking for a job often fall back on pursuing the next level of their education. While it is a fantastic idea to pursue your masters, you do not have to embark on it just for the sake. Education is expensive and the reality is that it won’t make you more marketable than you already are with your current papers. So instead of making a rushed decision to go back to university, push a bit harder to find your dream job.

9. Use social media

Gone are the days when social media was just used as a site for sharing pictures. Times have changed. practically everyone runs a Facebook and Twitter page and they check in more than once in a day. You have to admit, you have one yourself. You can use this resource to help you find a job. It’s that easy. All you need to do is create a professional profile and check some of your privacy settings and you are good to go.

10. Look past the big companies

Graduate students often make the mistake of approaching the “big fish” so to speak. This proves to be fatal when they can’t seem to land a job in any of these big companies. It’s a good idea to try something different and approach the smaller companies. Working for these smaller companies gives you a huge advantage and there is a better chance of moving up the corporate ladder within a shorter amount of time.

11. Keep yourself busy

Just because you are jobless does not mean you turn into a couch potato. Always have something to do as you look for your ideal job. You get to learn more and meet people when you do this. Consider doing some voluntary work, studying a free online course or just anything that will keep your mind engaged. You could also get in touch with au-pair agencies similar to Go Au Pair, where you would get an opportunity to not only stay with a family from a different culture to yours and learn more about the same, but also earn some extra cash on the side to keep you going. The hustle should never stop!

12. Get out of your comfort zone

Graduates who are looking for jobs often want to start at a place where they feel most comfortable, like around their town or city. That’s the wrong approach. Don’t get fussy about moving to a totally different environment or doing something that is not directly related to what you studied for. The key thing here is to think big!