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Student Fair is your go-to, all you need to know site for students…run by students.

We’re a bunch of hard-working second-year students who have a passion for thrifty living, having a good time and making the most of life as a student.

There are many things you’ll be able to find of Student Flair, from tips on how to do your weekly shop for a tenner to managing your workload and ensuring you don’t miss out on the very best social events, you’ll find everything here.

Student Fair is a community of like-minded students who wanted to change perceptions of student life, telling everyone it is possible to have a great time, eat well and have cash and not just live the typical ‘student lifestyle’ where everyone is skint, spends their life in the library and doesn’t know how to cook an egg.

Over the years, our site has expanded to incorporate so much more of everyday life and we now aim to really help current and post-graduate students.

From mortgage advice to working your way through university and making the most of your time, we want to help you have the most incredible student experience.

We even have a dedicated team there to help those who are a bit nervous and anxious about heading to university to help reassure you and talk you through the whole process.

What’s more is that we’re not a community of students from around the UK who all contribute to Student Flair, offering their own tips, advice e and event roundups just for you! this means that no matter where you study, we can help you.

University, despite popular opinion, can be difficult so we wanted a place for students to come to relieve a bit of stress, discover more about their local area and events and generally meet new people who also attend the same university as them.

Through this site, we have made so many friends but also helped to create a supportive network of other students who have made friends, enjoy nights out together, study together and binge watch Peaky Blinders when they should be in lectures (shhh we won’t tell).

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